How To Make Lasting Memories And Impress People

Even though many of us across the country are currently melting quicker than an ice cream cake at a kid’s birthday party, before we know it the holiday season will be upon on. This means lots of awkward family get-togethers and dinner parties where you’ll endlessly try to impress your family and friends for no reason other than that’s just what people do. While last year you may have spent hours and hours practicing creating the perfect dish before you even made it for real on the Big Day, this year will be different. This year you know that Chow Stuffs has everything you could need to pull off the perfect dinner party. The best part is these tips work for those spring picnics and summer barbecues and too, so you can use these tips far past your annual scary movie viewing party in October and Thanksgiving dinner. 

Let’s Start With Dessert

We are hitting the best course first because science has proven that we remember recent events better, so if your guests leave right after dessert, it better have been memorable. There are many dessert options to take into consideration. Do you want to have a freshly baked pie that evokes memories of Grandma’s house? Or would you rather prepare something ahead of time? If you’re going for the pie route, the presentation is almost as important as flavor - and if your presentation is good enough to get your friends to post pictures on Instagram, then you know you’ve done something right. The best option for a nice presentation is to do a lattice crust. While this looks really difficult, it is actually easy as cake - did you think we’d say pie? Do make a flawless lattice crust, we offer a lattice dough roller that cuts out a lattice design for you - it’s really that easy.

But maybe a pie isn’t your style. If that’s the case, then perhaps a cake that’s as easy as pie to make? We have just about everything you need to make your cake look nice enough to be on The Great British Baking Show! Our 5 Layer Cake Cutter is perfect for making a cake where the filling is the focal point, while our Silicone Swiss Roll Mat makes perfect pumpkin rolls all year long. This combined with our other silicone kitchen gadgets makes the dessert options are endless.

The Main Course

Later on, we’ll get into some of our favorite recipes you can create using our silicone kitchenware and grilling stuff, but for now, we just want to give you an idea of the broad possibilities. While you might be using the grill during the summer, when winter rolls around you will most likely be using the good old oven. While some foods taste better when they sizzle on the bottom of the pan (here’s looking at you roasted potatoes), sometimes you just don’t want your food soaking in oil and grease. If you’re making anything along the lines of pork chops or oven-fried chicken, you’ll need our Raised Silicone Roasting Mat - it allows your food to cook evenly on top and bottom by suspending it above the liquid, making your dinner extra crispy, and healthier.


Drinks are important at any dinner party - and not just the alcoholic ones. Many people serve tea or coffee before or after a dinner meal, and we have you covered for that as well. For a big party, we recommend our Snail Tea Bag Holders. Each is a different color so no one mixes up their tees! Along with about a million different cute tea infusers to choose from if you want to use loose leaf tea, we also have a huge latte art stencil set that you can use to sprinkle designs on top of espresso drinks or hot chocolate - again, this makes your dinner party a bit more Instagram-worthy.

For all of this and more, search our entire selection of cool kitchen stuff, tea supplies, and more!